So, um, yes. I started this blog fourteen and a half months ago and thought that I would make more than one post in it. I did not. That seems strange to me now, as I did manage to keep a physical offline journal or whatever at the time, far better than I’m doing now. But anyway, in the car coming home I thought that this Christmas what I will try to do is write a blog a day. It seems to be a thing to do. I can’t quite remember my reason why now though, and much of the inspiration appears to have gone.

It seems appropriate to be restarting this blog now as at the time The Suburbs by Arcade Fire had just come out and I considered calling this blog “Mountains beyond Mountains” (which, as I correctly foresaw at the time, would have been a terrible, terrible thing to do) and the video for that Arcade Fire song (still, I would suggest, one of if not the best song on The Suburbs) was released this week. You can see it at which has both the traditional, song-with-some-moving-pictures video, and the strange, interactive video which I can’t really get to work properly. Or maybe I have and I don’t understand it.

So the plan is: to write a blog every day that I am at home this Christmas. To actually get some of my thoughts down and on the internet, as I find that this hasn’t quite matched what I was actually thinking while I was in the car without the ability to do it. To see if I can actually be bothered or interesting enough to keep up a blog. That kind of thing. On the basis of this entry I would suggest: no. No I cannot be interesting enough.


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