Not Interesting

Deciding to write one of these days every day comes with complications, like when every day? I was feeling up to it about mid-afternoon, but now it is very late and my confidence in being interesting has substantially decreased. I don’t really read any blogs because I don’t have the attention span am busy working hard, but it seems to me that there are different types and they like to review TV or films or books or music. I like all of those things, but I already value my own opinion and don’t really feel the need to put it out in the public sphere. Of course, this is why none of my friends have a very clear idea of what my music taste is, but then again I don’t self-identify with any particular group or genre. A friend of mine once called me a “hipster” because I own a Florence + the Machine album; from his tone I assume this is a bad thing but I don’t really know what one is. I assume it is a group who committed atrocities in a Middle Eastern or sub-Saharan African country and that’s why it’s bad to be one? And they really like Florence + the Machine?

I’m more comfortable with writing about books, I guess. It would be films – my old blog was mostly film comments, as in those days I would see a lot more films. I don’t read books at anywhere near the speed that I watched films, so it might not be an ideal situation. In those instances it wasn’t really that I thought my opinions on films mattered, or that I particularly wanted other people to know what they were, but it was a means by which I could cement my own thoughts on the film at the time. This was supplemented by a star system, in which I gave almost every film four stars. This is because I would only go and see films that I was really interested in, even when I was seeing a film a week, because there are plenty of them. And they were usually alright – some probably three stars rather than four, but I was young I hadn’t figured out rating systems.

I think, when I am earning money, that the thing which I would most like to do is start going to see more films (more accurately – getting paid for my work. Hopefully the end of January!). After all it is the only reason I have an Orange phone and put up with their rubbish signal. I don’t even really look at publicity for films any more, which really limits the possibilities for aping their opinions in blog posts.

I paused to read some of my old blog entries, and I think I might do one over this holiday where I post my review of the film V for Vendetta from over five years ago (!!!) next to a review of the comic book which I have subsequently read. But I will re-read/watch them first if I get the chance. It will be interesting (to me). I might even throw in some political commentary, but I feel awkward doing that. I don’t like governments – this will come across when I discuss V. I especially don’t like the current UK government, especially their Prime Minister. But I’m not certain my visceral hatred really adds anything to the conversation – I will support people who stand up to and against them, but generally I will keep anything but my distaste to myself. So it will be a detached, ideological view of V despite the appearance of his mask all over the world this year. Because I love that comic book and secretly hope that the reason most protesters are wearing it is because they love it too.

This blog is rambling, and very self-centred. This is the problem with it, and why I can’t actually write one. Oh well, I will persist and see if it gets more interesting. This might be publicised on twitter at which I will be mildly embarrassed.


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