That Was Christmas

This is going to be quick, and really only done on the basis that I said I would every day while I was home. But, frankly, it’s Christmas day, the end of, and I want to go to sleep. Because I spent a fair portion of today playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii with my sister (a birthday present from two years ago, but near enough to Christmas that it’s like reliving old Christmas presents) I briefly considered writing a blog on video games before realising that it’s twelve thirty in the morning, there’s no way I can be bothered doing that. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps later. I also finished Sword of the Lictor today, so that might come up too.

Instead I am briefly going to mull the fact that I spent today playing with an old birthday present, combined with the fact that I am currently listening to my birthday present from my sister this year. It’s a consequence of having a birthday so close to Christmas that I haven’t really noticed before, but it does mean that you don’t have a lot of time to really appreciate your presents before you have a whole new batch, and maybe it would be better to just get one set of presents (everyone always asks, of course, if you do… sometimes it gives me an excuse to ask for more expensive presents which are combos, but it’s usually only if I want to). The worst presents for these are probably books: listening to an album or watching a film is achievable in a single day, books take commitment and might get sidelined, especially if you already own lots of books. Anyway, just a thought. I’ve completed New Super Mario Bros. Wii basically fully twice alone and again with my sister, so it’s hardly neglected

I also have a brother, but he only arrived this afternoon, hence playing with old presents as we hadn’t opened any new ones. That’s why he hasn’t been mentioned!

I don’t have a lot to say about the reason for the season: it was an okay affair, Doctor saves some people from mild hazard, nice to have a cameo from Amy and Rory, prefered last year’s. Shame it is now an indeterminate amount of time until there is any more . . .


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