Hello. I set this blog up in the Summer of 2010, when I was young and foolish or something, and expected to keep up with it. I did not. It languished with a single post, and little on it, for fourteen months. In that time I worked for two months, went to Greece twice for archaeological purposes, and began studying for a DPhil (that’s Oxford for “PhD”) in Archaeology. Meanwhile, all this blog got was a link on my twitter account and the occasional view from people, I don’t know who.


Over the Christmas vacation 2011-2012 I decided that I would aim to write an entry each day, inspired by the fact that I was listening back through the Collings and Herrin podcasts (available on iTunes!!!) and it is something which Richard Herring does on his blog. I thought that I would get me into the habit, and get my brain working.

This I achieved, and those blogs form the first few entries. Now I update sporadically, although I aim for once a week, on a variety of topics, usually connected to what I would consider to be “cultural things” – books, TV, comics, film perhaps music; sometimes discussions and thoughts, sometimes reviews of what I have been reading/watching. It’s basically whatever I am thinking about which isn’t my thesis or too personal for the internet.

So this blog has changed its function (but is keeping its name). If it proves to be interesting then I will hopefully continue it into the New Year. But not daily, because I have a DPhil to do.

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