I am bad at writing about myself. Whenever I submit an article the mini-biography bit is my least favourite part.

Who am I? What matters to my identity – the way I choose to define myself or the way others define me? My words or my actions? Aren’t words also kinds of action?

In a previous version of this page, I began identifying myself through my academic achievements. I have a DPhil in Archaeology from the University of Oxford. I also have an MSt in Classical Archaeology and an MA (Oxon) in Literae Humaniores from the same university. I spent most of a decade in Oxford, where I studied, worked, and got married.

Now I live in Canada, sort of. Technically, for now, I am on a visitor visa while I await permanent residence through the spousal visa program. I am based in southern Ontario, about as close to a London as I was in Oxford.

I don’t write blogs that often, although I am trying to do so more. Perhaps it is a way in which my words can be actions. Some of what I write might be about Classics and archaeology; more likely it will be about science fiction; perhaps I will also incorporate some various social justice stuff. I don’t have a plan, so we just don’t know.

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