The Land Between Two Rivers

Well then: new blog. Wish I could figure out what happened to my old one on MSN, there was some good stuff in there. Well, some stuff, anyway. I knew how to use it is the point. I just about figured out that clicking the “New Post” button allowed me to post an entry, not sure how long it will take me to figure out how to delete the sort of preview one that they put on just when you sign up, and it will no doubt take me even longer to figure out how to rename the blog (currently “…” as I couldn’t think of anything but was assured I would be able to change it “any time”).

The name I want to give this blog is “The Land Between Two Rivers”. I have rejected “Matthew Lloyd’s precious little life” as it will undoubtably be a bit rubbish seeming in not too long a time, and “Mountains Beyond Mountains” because it’s a too recent musical reference. “Land Between Two Rivers” means nothing to anyone but me, as it is a reference to Pangaea, my world, and more specifically to Nashua, whose name means “the land between two rivers”. I may in fact be renaming the story I had earstwhile been calling “Pangaea” “Pangaea: the Land Between Two Rivers” for pretty much that purpose, and I do intend for this to be something of a writing blog. Well, also for me to comment on the scifi/fantasy books I happen to be reading at the time, too, and possibly other things like teevee and music and so on.

For example, today I have been mostly listening to Arcade Fire. I am currently listening to Rebellion (Lies) on Funeral, which is still undoubtably their best album. But I also listened to Neon Bible all the way through, and remembered how good that was. I think The Suburbs is as good, but less special, as was suggested on Roundtable on 6Music today. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) is, however, a magnificant track. I don’t think I’m alone any more in thinking it is the best track on the album. But the rest of the album risesto meet it. Ready to Start is very good, and both the Half Lights. I’m also realizing how good a rock track Month of May is as well. Compared to the universal excellence of Funeral, perhaps it is not all that great. But taken on it’s own merits it is still a very good album, so hurrah!

Okay, so what I’m going to do now is publish this, look around for a bit at doing some other things, give up, write in my actual physical diary, then go to bed. We will see if I can keep the whole blog thing going again!